Real­time Ecommerce Data Analysis by Softcube

Product recommendations boost average order size by suggesting items customers want. A self-improving recommendation engine considers pageviews, clicks, items in cart and more. Tailored recommendations are generated through content analysis, collaborative filtering, and based on business logic

​Softcube is an Ecommerce product recommendations engine that offers widgets to increase Eshop sales and conversions. Personalized product recommendation blocks display products from an Ecommerce shop’s merchandise. Tailored recommendations increase KPIs like conversion rate, average order, and CTR, and boost customer satisfaction.

Softcube’s recommendation engine determines what products should be featured using an approach called collaborative filtering. This approach recognizes that customer’s interests can often be correlated with the interests of other similar customers. Understanding customer preferences means taking into account all website interactions, including every click and page view. This typically requires massive computing capacity: at least it did before Softcube.

​Softcube has announced real­time collaborative filtering solutions for Ecommerce. In layman’s terms this means that Ecommerce shops of any size ­ in any market, operating in any language ­ can access proven technology that allows product recommendations to be updated based on the latest click.

How does Softcube work?  As customers browse an Eshop, Softcube analyzes all site interactions and figures out what types of products ­ sizes, styles, colors ­ the customer is interested in. As this happens, recommended products change from generic best­sellers to products that are genuinely of interest to the customer.

Just one line of JavaScript code on all site pages is required to integrate Softcube’s Ecommerce software. Softcube will soon also be available on the popular Magento Ecommerce platform (through Magento Connect). Imagine a world where all online stores are selling just what you’re looking for at great prices. That’s what Softcube is all about!